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Staging Tips for Your Bathroom

April 23, 2012

Today begins a blog series of staging tips for your home.  To start this blog series off, bathrooms will be the starting point, the first of many entries. Did you know, within the first 30 seconds of a home buyer entering a home, they have made their decision to like or dislike it?  Because a homebuyer makes the fast decision, staging can help change their mind as they tour the rest of your home.  Remember, bathrooms sell houses so pay attention to those tips!

Bathroom Staging Musts:

  • Get rid of surface mold.  Don’t worry, you do not have to replace your bathroom or have Mr. Clean muscles for scrubbing!  Just mix one part water and one part bleach in a spray bottle.  Mix it together, spray it on the tiles and let it sit.  Watch the mold disappear!
  • Give a face lift to your shower door.  Sure, the new homeowner may change fixtures once they purchase your home, but homebuyers want to be able to imagine how nice it can look!  Take down your shower doors and go outside for this deep clean!  Mix one part muriatic acid and ten parts water.  Wear gloves when cleaning and use steel wool to bring your shower door back to life.
  • Pedestal sinks are huge with buyers!  Because of the sink’s shape, small bathrooms appear larger.  Buyers like bathrooms – especially the master bath – to feel spacious!
  • Redo your outdated tile.  Flooring is important when buying a new home.  Not only is it visible and used everyday, but replacement can be costly.  When a buyer looks at homes s/he budgets for the purchase price and sets some money aside for paint, furniture, and lighting fixtures.  Don’t make the potential buyer feel burdened with having to replace flooring too!  A simple fix for outdated tile is to paint it.  Begin by coating the tiles with a high-adhesion primer and then brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering and let dry.  Now your new floor is ready fo show!

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