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International Friendship Day

August 7, 2011

To all my friends – new, used, old, fresh – I want to celebrate our connection and let you know that I am buoyed up by it at the most unpredictable of times.  August 7 is international friendship day and I want to pay tribute to the importance that friends make in my life daily.  Here are just some of the ways you matter in my life:

  • You reflect the best of me
  • You buy my coffee or make it for me in the morning
  • You listen when I complain
  • You listen when I share good stuff
  • You pretend to value my advice
  • You really do value my advice
  • You tell me I look fat in that
  • You tell me when I look pretty good in that
  • You take a walk with me
  • You take a walk with me, even when I bring my dog
  • You let me visit you at the shore
  • You visit me at the shore
  • You phone me
  • You pick up when I phone you
  • You let me know when I can help you
  • You are always ready to help me
  • You watch a movie with me
  • You share the latest news
  • You tell me a story
  • You let me tell you a story
  • You look at pictures of my grandson
  • You show me pictures of your children, dog or grandchildren
  • You dine with me
  • You cook for me
  • You dine with me even when I have done the cooking
  • You speak French with me
  • You pretend you aren’t upset that I don’t call
  • You tell me when you are upset that I didn’t call
  • You paint with me
  • You buy my paintings
  • You tell me my paintings are good
  • You tell me when my paintings are awful
  • You cry with me
  • You laugh with me
  • You are real.

Thank you to all the wonderful friends in my life!  You enrich my world.

Patty Cunningham, Realtor®
Coldwell Banker Preferred
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