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The Difference Between Staging and Decorating

May 19, 2011

Oftentimes, clients ask me what the difference is between staging and decorating.  The simple answer is that in decorating, you are adding touches and making decisions to please yourself as you live in your space.  With staging, you are decorating – or, in most cases “UNdecorating” – to appeal to the greatest number of buyers who may be looking for a house right now. 

This is one reason to track trends.  If most buyers are making offers on houses with hardwood floors and you have wall-to-wall carpet, your house will not appeal to some buyers.  This is predictable and the reason for your Realtor or stager’s advice. 

Regardless of your home’s size, age or style, staging recommendations always begin with these three basics:

1.  Clean mercilessly!;
2.  Declutter – my rule of thumb is 1 or 3 pieces on any surface;
3.  Remove all photos of family, especially children (we want the buyers to picture themselves in your space).

For more tips or help in prepping your home for sale, please give me a call.

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