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So – Where is the Bottom?

September 4, 2010

So much has been said and written about whether we’ve seen the bottom of the housing market.  People ask if we are on our way up and out of the slump yet.  I wish my crystal ball worked better than it does, but I do talk to lots of industry experts and track market trends.  My feeling is that we are at the bottom, but it is like a river bottom that has lots of rocks.  The ride along the bottom is bumpy – it’s not a comfortable place to be.   

My belief is that we will be dragging ourselves up from the bottom over the next 12 plus months.  It won’t be a steep ramp, and it won’t be quick or dramatic.  However, with the industry correcting some poor practices, we should be on more solid footing for the long term.

Patty Cunningham
Coldwell Banker Preferred


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