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How to Make Moving Merry When Kids are Involved! (Part One)

February 23, 2010

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for anyone.  From the moment the house hunt begins to the day one steps foot into a new abode, relocating can be an intense process – especially when children are involved.  More often than not, the home serves as a special source of security and comfort for children, so it’s no wonder why many families have concerns about leaving their familiar surroundings.  After all, kids tend to be reluctant to change their clothes let alone their addresses, schools and friends!

Talking to kids before a move can help get them ready both emotionally and physically. Parents who communicate with their children that moving is an exciting adventure rather than something frightening or dreadful are likely to reduce some of the stress and help make moving more enjoyable for everyone.  In my experience, most children adjust quickly to a move, especially when parents take the time to talk to their kids about the process and plan activities in advance.  The most important thing is for parents to have a good attitude.  Everything is not expected to be perfect, but if parents stay positive and enthusiastic about moving, the kids will feel better about it too.

Below is my Part One suggestion for how to make moving fun for the entire family:

  • Explore the neighborhood.  Between the time you close on a new home and the time the moving truck arrives, spend a “family day” touring the new neighborhood.  This will take some of the “mystery” out of the move.  Pointing out local attractions and introducing children to their new neighbors and school will help get them excited about their new surroundings and reassure them that they will be able to make friends after the move.  

If it is not possible to go to your new neighborhood, try to compile as much information about the local community as possible.  Online tools such as Coldwell Banker On Location ( can offer consumers a wealth of information.  Also ask your Coldwell Banker Preferred real estate agent for photographs of the new home and local area so that you can share them with your child.

This is a great starting point and in our next segment, I will cover 5 more ways to help your family make the move into your new home stress-free ….. and even fun!


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