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Natural Gas Pipelines in Chester County

September 22, 2008

From the Philadelphia Inquirer last week, word that rights of natural gas pipeline companies may impact some homeowners in Chester County.


Pipeline push worries Chester County landowners and farmers

Hundreds of Chester County residents are confronting requests from companies for larger rights-of-way to expand existing natural gas pipelines or for new rights-of-way to add lines. And under federal law, the landowners might not have much choice. The price depends partly on the land’s appraised value; farmers also would be compensated because land dug up for a pipeline takes about five years to return to productivity. More than 700 miles of natural-gas pipelines crisscross Chester County, and because natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, demand is growing. Last month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a controversial expansion of a Williams-Transcontinental pipeline near Downingtown and Exton. For natural-gas suppliers looking to build pipelines, Chester County has an advantage that few other places can match because of the presence of farmland and open space coupled with a nexus of three federal pipelines. Landowners who thought conservation easements guarded against development are shocked to find out that when pipelines enter the picture, that protection doesn’t mean much. The 1938 Natural Gas Act gave what is now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission full authority over interstate natural-gas pipelines, overriding state or local restrictions such as easements. West Vincent has become the latest battleground between the pipeline companies and landowners. Dominion Keystone, an offshoot of Dominion Resources Inc. of Virginia, hopes to build a 280-mile pipeline from Greene County in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania to Chester County.


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