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Fun Friday — These are my Housemates!

November 30, 2007

(I don’t know why the date stamp on the last post says 11/30, because I put it online yesterday, 11/29.  Oh, well…)

Today is Fun Friday at my real estate blog and I’m going to share a picture of my two housemates with you.  I’ll try to find one fun fact every week to bring to you on Fridays and my goal is that it NOT have anything to do with real estate.  As always, if you have a real estate question, you are most free to email me or post a comment here.


Pictured above are my dog, Jazz, and my cat, Curley, sunning themselves in my front hallway.  They don’t pose very often and rarely smile when I ask them to, but at least they get along.  (One always hopes that for one’s children, after all!)  This is a photo taken with my phone, so the quality is subpar, but they are so rarely in such close proximity!  Sorry, neither one of them will be having kittens or puppies, but they are quite cute.  Jazz is a rescue puppy that I got at the SPCA a couple of years ago when she was already full grown.  We (the vet and I) estimate her age at about 4 years now.  Curley, I’ve had for about 10 years, since she was a little “barn” kitty with no real home.  She refuses to acknowledge any sense of appreciation or gratitude, but she will deign to sit on my lap about once a day (IF I’m lucky!). 

Here’s Jazz, really showing off her cuteness…pic-0014-small.jpg  

Have a terrific weekend! And if you are thinking of making a real estate purchase or sale in the next 8-12 months, call me well in advance so I can help with critical planning! 



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